Necessary Expenses

Please note: reporting of “necessary expenses” should not overlap with consulting approvals.

  • If you have approval through the faculty consulting activity, you are by definition undertaking the activity outside of your role as a state employee. This means that any expenses that you receive should be approved as part of the compensation within your consulting request.
  • If you are undertaking an activity in your capacity as a faculty member, you cannot accept any outside compensation for the work you are doing. This means you do not need consulting approval for work of this type, but if you receive support to cover necessary expenses you must report these to the state.

If you are undertaking an activity where your expenses are paid (e.g., meals, non-luxury transport, hotel room), but you will not be receiving any other compensation, you must report the payment of expenses to the State of Connecticut using the “necessary expenses” form. Unlike consulting approvals which are required in advance, reporting of necessary expenses is after the fact. These must be reported within 30 days of receiving compensation or repayment for the necessary expenses.

The reporting form can be found here:

A guide to this reporting requirement can be found here:

The Office of University Compliance has a flow chart on disclosure of necessary expenses/gifts to the state that you can find here:

If you have any questions, please contact your relevant Faculty Consulting Office or the Office of  University Compliance.