Meet Our Team

Faculty consulting is supported by staff based at Storrs (covering Storrs and regional campus faculty) and at UConn Health. Your questions will be best addressed by contacting the Faculty Consulting Office appropriate to where you are located.


For all questions regarding faculty consulting at Storrs/regionals, please email This is a shared mailbox and we will endeavor to reply to emails within a working day. Email responses will indicate who answered your email.

Sarah Croucher, PhD, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Sarah directs the Faculty Consulting Office for Storrs/regionals. She is also always happy to help you find an answer to anything that may be broadly related to policy issues related to the academic mission of the University or your role as a faculty member.

In addition to email and telephone, Sarah is a regular user of Microsoft Teams, so you can drop her a line or call her on this platform if this is convenient for you.


UConn Health

Carla Rash, PhD, Interim Faculty Consulting Office,

Razan Jazeh, Administrative Program Coordinator

We are your contacts for the UConn Health office for faculty consulting. We are available by phone, email and virtually to meet with you and answer your questions about participating in outside consulting work. We are here to help you remain compliant with the consulting policy and to make sure consulting remains available to our faculty.

Please reach out at any time with questions. We are also happy to schedule a training session to review use of the consulting system.

Related Offices

We work closely with other entities on campus, and often work together closely on issues that may overlap with consulting but require broader support than the Faculty Consulting Office alone. If you think that your question may be more readily answered by one of these offices, it may be more effective to reach out directly. However, we will always support you in finding the answer that you need. If you are unsure of where to go for support and reach out to the Faculty Consulting Offices for help, we will ensure you are connected with someone who can assist you.

If you have questions related solely to the State Code of Ethics, conflicts of interest, or other University policies, the Office of University Compliance may be able to answer your questions:

If you have questions related to research compliance, the use of facilities such as lab spaces, grants, or financial conflicts of interest, the Office of the Vice President for Research may be able to answer your questions:

If you are not a faculty member and have questions related to consulting activities, you should reach out to the Office of University Compliance for assistance However, graduate students or postdocs with questions related to consulting should contact the Graduate School: