Welcome to the Faculty Consulting Website! 

Faculty members are state employees; this means your participation in outside consulting activity is tightly regulated by state statute. Prior approval through the online request system is required before beginning any activity. All paid activities related to your professional expertise (including grant reviews, talks, and similar academic activities), and unpaid work with faculty affiliated companies, fall within the faculty consulting policy.  

We are here to help you understand the process and policies. Individual advice is always available. Please see the contact details for UConn (Storrs/regionals) and UConn Health if you need individual assistance.

If you have submitted a request and you have limited time before the activity will begin, please reach out for help to ensure timely processing of your request. We recommend that requests should be submitted at least one week before the activity will begin to allow time for approval. 

ITS has warned us to expect that the consulting request workflow will be unavailable due to system maintenance at the following times: Saturday July 10th,  8:45am-12pm and Wednesday July 21st, 5:30am-7:30am. 

Quick Start Guide to the Upgraded Faculty Consulting System

Quick Start Guide for Approvers to the Upgraded Faculty Consulting System


Storrs and Regionals Faculty Consulting Office

Phone: Sarah Croucher (860-486-5630)

UConn Health Faculty Consulting Office

Phone: Jody Terranova, D.O (860) 256-1158 / Razan Jazeh (860) 679-4089
jterranova@uchc.edu / jazeh@uchc.edu