(left to right) Brian Baillie, Chen Chen, Evan Stefanidis, David Tamim Manan (standing), Xiao Zhu, Xi Yang, in a presentation room at the IPB (Innovation Partnership Building) on Feb. 5, 2019.

Welcome to the Faculty Consulting Website!

Faculty members are state employees; this means your participation in outside consulting activity is tightly regulated by state statute. Prior approval through the online request system is required before beginning any activity. All paid activities related to your professional expertise (including grant reviews, talks, and similar academic activities), and unpaid work with faculty affiliated companies, fall within the faculty consulting policy. Consulting is work that you are doing outside of your role as a state employee; further information is provided in other sections of this website on limitations related to consulting activity.

Please note that beginning in FY23 we transitioned to InfoEd as our online request system. 

To view your dashboard of submitted requests and/or to submit a new request, please click here.

We are here to help you understand the process and policies; it is your responsibility to adhere to these. To help you, individual advice is always available. Please see the contact details for UConn (Storrs/regionals) and UConn Health if you need individual assistance. If you have submitted a request and you have limited time before the activity will begin, please reach out for help.

This website is provided to try and give information relevant to most situations. If you are looking for how to get started with your first request, please see the “Getting Started: Introduction” page. Under the “Activities” section you will find guidelines related to many common consulting activities.


Storrs and Regional Campuses

Sarah Croucher, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Policy & Faculty Affairs
Phone: 860-486-5630 (routes to cell; please leave a call-back number if you leave a message)

UConn Health


Carla Rash, PhD
Interim, Faculty Consulting Office (beginning 2/15/23)
Phone: 860-679-4689

Razan Jazeh
Administrative Program Coordinator
Phone: 860-679-4089