Writing and Reviewing

These types of activities may qualify for the “low conflict of interest pathway” if they occur with a domestic entity.

For all of these activities, if you are only receiving support for travel or other necessary expenses and you will be doing the work within your capacity as a state employee, please see the Necessary Expenses page.

Write an article, book, book chapter, introduction to a book, pamphlet, educational web/computer module, or examination questions.

These activities are writing that is outside of the peer-review process. This work could also include academic writing for non-peer-reviewed publications in your area of expertise.

Royalties for books are excluded from the faculty consulting policy. If you are writing a book and will receive royalties only (including an advance on royalties) you do not require consulting approval. However, any writing where you will receive a non-royalty payment will require consulting approval.

Review a book chapter or manuscript to be published in a peer-reviewed publication.

Any peer-reviewing requires consulting approval if you will receive any kind of compensation for this work. If you are sure that such work will be uncompensated, you do not need to request consulting approval. If you are not sure whether you will receive payment for such work, you should submit a consulting request in advance of the work as this will allow you to accept such payments.

Review a manuscript to be published in something other than a peer-reviewed publication or serving as an editor of a journal.

Any kind of honorarium or stipend received for editorial work requires consulting approval. If the only financial remuneration is in funds paid directly to a University account to support expenses related to the work, you do not need to request consulting approval.

Review a student thesis, serve as a member on a thesis committee and/or develop a reference or review that supports a promotion-tenure-reappointment decision of another faculty member.

Any standard academic reviews for which you will receive any kind of compensation (i.e., a small stipend or honorarium) require consulting approval.

Review of an external program, department, school, or institution.

Reviews of external programs, departments, schools, or other institutions should be based only on your general expertise and not on any specific knowledge from your University role. Any reviews of this nature where you are using your general expertise require consulting approval.

Review grant proposals and/or serve on a US governmental committee, a panel on research, or on clinical care

If you are receiving any kind of compensation for grant reviews or similar work, you require consulting approval in advance of the work.