Training Materials, Help, and FAQs

Online Faculty Consulting System – Version 3 (OFCAS-3)

1. Faculty or Initiators (staff who fill out request forms for the faculty):

a. Policies and Procedures on Consulting

b. Use of Online Faculty Consulting Approval System (OFCAS) Instructions

  1. Overview of OFCAS-3– A document providing an overview of the system.
  2. Instructions for OFCAS-3– A document outlining the OFCAS-3 form and dashboard.
  3. Recorded Training Session for OFCAS-3– A 30 minute video orientation and training session for OFCAS-3.
  4. Instructions for UConn Health Employees to Use the Citrix Server.
  5. Applying filters to your reconciliation requests. 

2. Approvers – Deans, Department Heads:

a. Policy and Procedures on Consulting from an Approver’s Perspective

  1. Overview for Approvers – A PowerPoint document. Last updated: December 2012.

3. Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

  1. Storrs Frequently Asked Questions
  2. UConn Health Frequently Asked Questions