What is the difference between a Consulting Activity, Dual Employment, and Outside Work Performed as a State Employee?

March 13, 2017

In each of these situations, the faculty member earns compensation for services rendered. The three key questions that distinguish these situations are: a. Is the work being performed while acting as a State of Connecticut employee or as a private citizen?, b. Who is the contracting entity, and c. Where will the compensation end up (i.e. in a State account or in the faculty member’s private pocket)?

Consulting is ”an activity performed by a faculty member for compensation as a result of his/her expertise or prominence in his/her field while not acting in his/her official capacity as a State      employee (i.e. on his/her own time)” and the compensation is deposited into his/her own personal account/pocket. A consulting request form needs to be submitted using the Online Faculty Consulting Approval System (OFCAS) at http://forms.uconn.edu/apps/ofcas.

Dual Employment is when a faculty member will be doing work for another State of Connecticut agency. Please contact your campuses Human Resources Department to process the Dual Employment Form.

Outside Work performed as a State employee is when a faculty member is performing the work while acting as a State employee and the money will end up in a State account.

UConn Health Faculty:

These are usually referred to as an Academically Related Activity (ARA).  Compensation earned is often, but not always, deposited into an Academic Enhancement Account which can support typical business expenses. ARAs are approved using a Request for Approval of Academically Related Activities Form.

School of Medicine faculty should contact Dr. Jacqueline (Kiki) Nissen’s office at 860/679-2413. Please note that if the level of compensation is greater than $3,000, a contract may be       required. Contact Donna McKenty at 860/679-2232.

School of Dental Medicine faculty should contact Mr. John Brigada at 860/679-4065. Please note that if the level of compensation is greater than $3,000, a contract may be required. Contact John Brigada (SoDM faculty) for more information on such contracts.

UConn Storrs+ Faculty:

Compensation earned is often deposited into a Faculty Travel / Student Support account. Contact the Storrs Faculty Consulting Office, Mr. Brandon Murray, 860-486-1868.

For additional information, please got to the Faculty Consulting website: http://consulting.uconn.edu. 

Faculty Consulting Request Form Revisions

September 30, 2016

The Faculty Consulting Offices, in consultation with UITS on the Storrs campus, made two updates to the online Faculty Consulting Request Form:

  • First, more information must be provided regarding the estimated level of compensation to be received:

Consulting 1

  • An optional checkbox has been added to indicate you expect this activity to roll into the next fiscal year. This will allow us to send you a reminder to renew the activity next spring.

Consulting 2

New Site Launched

May 31, 2016

The Faculty Consulting Offices launched a new website in the summer of 2016.