Annual Reconciliation Report for Pre-Approved Summer Activities

This form is used only to report pre-approved summer consulting activities. Consulting requests submitted through the online form, must be reconciled through the consulting dashboard.

The University’s Policy and Procedures on Consulting for Faculty and Members of the Faculty Bargaining unit require that a year-end reconciliation report be submitted by faculty who performed pre-approved summer consulting activities. Eligible faculty are those who, during the summer, expected to have no assigned, contractual or grant related responsibilities for which they were paid by the University.The class of pre-approved academic related activities includes:

  • Educational and scientific presentations;
  • Giving occasional lectures and speeches;
  • Participation in colloquia, symposia, site visits, study sections and similar gatherings;
  • Ad hoc refereeing of manuscripts (not to include paid editorships); and
  • Activities deemed by the faculty member's department head to be similar to the activities described above. The Faculty Offices will review the nature of these activities.

Remuneration for any one activity may not exceed $1,000 with a total limit over the summer of $10,000.

Reporting Period:  This annual reconciliation report covers activities that occurred during the past fiscal year (July 1 –June 30). This report must be submitted no later than September 15. Please complete this report indicating the activity start and end date; contracting entity; and activity description. Failure to return this report is a violation of the current University consulting procedures.

Reimbursement:  Please indicate whether you have made all appropriate reimbursements for the use of University resources. (i.e., do you owe UConn for using any University resources?)  If you did not use any University resources, mark "None Needed."

More information about the consulting policy and procedures may be found at on the Faculty Consulting website.

Reconciliations are due by September 15.