Consulting Policies, Procedures, and Forms

Policies and Procedures

The Faculty Consulting Policy, most recently updated and approved by the Board of Trustees on June 26, 2019, can be found on the website at this link.

Procedures Approved by the Board of Trustees (and modified by the Provost and Executive Vice President) (Updated March 19, 2014)

Sanctions for Non-compliance with the University’s Consulting Policy and Procedures (Updated November 2011)

Consulting Process for Management Exempt Employees (April 15, 2015)

Accelerated Approval Process (Updated November 14, 2012)

Use of State Resources While Consulting (Idle, Non-Consumable Resources) (October, 2013)

Exceptions to the Three-Step Approval Process  (May 31, 2019)


Request for Use of University Resources While Consulting

Report of Necessary Expenses (Office of State Ethics)